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Taking the pain out of the tendering process. Ask us how.

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Who are we?

Our Online Platform manages the Tendering process from inception to completion.

Who uses TenderCorp

How it Works

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Step 1

Register & create your free online profile. All we need are your basic company details and you will be ready to go in minutes.

Step 2

Create a Tender using the simple, easy to use interface. Indicate the type of project and TenderCorp will narrow the list of builders to those that fit the criteria specifically related to your project.

Step 3

Select your favoured builders from the portfolios offered.

Step 4

Upload Tender Documentation to be viewed only by the selected builders & proceed to tender.

Why use TenderCorp

  • If you are large company such as Lend Lease, Meriton or a major developer, then this site is not for you. Top Tier firms have in house departments that thoroughly check the credentials of every builder before they quote a project. If you don’t have the resources that these large companies have to offer, or if you can’t seem to find enough builders to compare your quotes, then you need TenderCorp.
  • TenderCorp screens every builder before their details are exhibited on the website and only the best performers in each category are permitted to register. If a builder is selected to carry out the project, ask us to carry out a further financial check prior to the signing of the contract in order to ensure that the builder’s circumstances haven’t changed.
  • It's all free
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